Anatomy of a bike theft

Someone — well, these two kids, actually — stole Kathy Anderson’s son’s bike a few months ago, the Inver Grover Heights Patch reports. They didn’t know she had rigged up a a surveillance camera outside her home and got video of the perps.

The model citizens left their half bottle of brandy on her neighbor’s patio before riding off on the bike, which hasn’t been recovered, she says.

“I’m sure we will never see the bike again, but I can only hope the parents of these 2 morons see this,” she wrote.

(h/t: Randy Greenly)

  • Ben

    I was originally going to say that it was a waste of half a bottle of brandy, leaving it behind, but I now see that it was a waste of a whole bottle of brandy, not to mention whatever is being spent on an education at the U for at least one of those fools.

  • Kathy

    Bob – Thanks for posting my video!

    Ben – I doubt either of them will ever make onto “U” campus unless they are wearing ski masks.