Who slipped the moose a mickey?

If you get enough real journalists in a room, sooner or later the discussion will evolve to the stories they’re most proud of — that they worked days on — overshadowed by an insignificant but memorable story.

Trust me, somewhere today a journalist is turning in his/her story about terrorism, the economy, or famine, and nobody will remember it because the newscast will have this:


I’ll just let the headline do all the heavy lifting here:

Seemingly drunk Swedish moose found stuck in tree

  • David

    Seemingly drunk is just good journalism, they certainly didn’t test its BAC.

    I’m glad they also refrained from releasing the name pending charges.

  • BenCh

    I can’t believe how this story is so popular right now amidst everything that is going on… I’ve seen it on all the newspaper sites plus friends who usually post articles about “issues” on their Facebook are posting this story. Are people really that bogged down by news organizations that a moose that ate too many fermented apples in Sweden is a top story?

  • Bob Collins

    I don’t think it’s a top story anywhere. But someday, I’ll tell you all about that “pop rocks” expose from the ’70s.

  • John P.

    I can see why it happens. Sometimes the “real news” gets me down and I have to turn MPR off for a while. Sorry!

    I feel like I pretty much how that “story about terrorism, the economy, or famine” is going to go. People need a laugh too. Especially in these times.

  • Jim Shapiro

    I completely understand the Swedish moose’s attempts to get the benefits of the fermented apples.

    Ever tried Akvavit?!?

  • GaryF


    then the moose went to White Castle