Who doesn’t love steam?

In NewsCut’s continuing quest to sample the diversity of weekend entertainment in Minnesota, we give you the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion Parade, held yesterday in Rollag.

The Avery tractor is the featured machine this year.

It runs through Monday.

  • Jennifer

    My grandfather passed away a few years ago just a month shy of his 99th birthday. One of my favorite photos of him comes from this event in Rollag. My mom was with him (I believe he was in his 90s at the time) and his eyes lit up when he came across the very thresher that used to belong to his uncle. (My grandfather was raised by his grandparents, so many of his aunts and uncles were like siblings to him.) It was the same machine that he used to use on the farm with his uncle. Once they told the now owner, my grandfather was invited to ride along on it in the parade. He was thrilled.

  • Tyler

    WMSTR is a fantastic event – my wife has only missed one year (the year that she was born). We had two family members operating Avery tractors in the parades this year, and I’ll go on record as saying it was one of the best years yet! Attendance was high, the weather was beautiful, and there wasn’t a Prius in sight!

  • Tyler

    FYI: Most of the Avery tractors seen underway in the video are gasoline powered, not steam.