The singing barista’s bad day

First things first. If you click this video, there are obscenities in it. Don’t click it if that sort of thing is likely to shock you.

Second, if you talk to many people who work at Starbucks or Caribou — according to some of my caffeinated field research — you’ll get the same sort of story that the Starbuck’s Rant Song documents.

He’s now been fired from Starbucks.

Christopher Cristwell, the unhappy barista, seems a little bit surprised by that fact.

“This song is not 100 percent autobiographical,” Cristwell told The Working Stiff. “The funny part is that I truly consider myself a people person, and I’m really passionate about coffee.”

The video has been around since July before Starbucks noticed. The company won’t confirm his firing, only that it met with him to “discuss his motivation.”

The martyred barista is taking the high road. “I made the video for my fellow baristas,” he said. “I can live with the consequences.”

And then he made another video…

Your move, Starbucks

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  • Jim Shapiro

    I have a personal rule against frequenting trendy, pretentious, overpriced multinational establishments that make up their own word for “large”.

    Now apparently you can add “humorless” to that list.