The business of 9/11

It’s a fine line some businesses are walking between a respectful honoring of the deaths of hundreds of New York emergency responders on 9/11 and taking advantage of a national tragedy to increase business.

This e-mail from Axel’s Bonfire raised two eyebrows this morning (click image for the larger version). It’s offering $20 to emergency responders on Sunday only — September 11th, if you haven’t heard. You don’t get the cash, though. You get it on an Axel’s rewards card which you can later show for the discount when you patronize the place at some future time.

But the deal is not valid at two of Axel’s locations.

Still the company is giving 5% of its take to local firefighter organizations that day


If you see other businesses that are featuring 9/11 promotions, please send the ads my way.

  • vjacobsen

    Oh, darn! I saw an ATM at the Kowalski’s in White Bear lake this morning with a message about remembering September 11th. I wish I would have known so I could have taken a picture. I commented at the time to my colleague that it seemed kind of bizarre.