The bike racks of Saint Paul

Famed St. Paul blogger Teresa Boardman has a good question for the city: What’s the deal putting bike racks around businesses with no bike traffic, and not having many where there is?

A laundromat, for example. Who bikes with loads of laundry?

Or this spot. A tattoo shop.


I have never seen anyone bike to the tattoo shop which is located in between and auto body shop and an ambulance garage. I have never seen anyone bike to the body shop. There are no other businesses on the block but there is a cafe with out a bike rack across the street where it would get used. This one will never get used.

  • Jess

    I’ve biked to The Holy Mackerel. But I had to go a ways to lock my bike up when I ate at Day By Day Cafe, which has no rack and no signposts small enough for a U-lock on the block near it.

    West 7th is pretty bikeable, as far as I’m concerned, but bike racks need to be more widely distributed. If I can’t lock my bike within 1/2 block of a business I’ll probably end up going somewhere else next time.