Swiftly goes the year

How’s your autumn going so far?

On this first day of autumn, Discover’s Bad Astronomy blog has uploaded a full year of sunrises as seen from space. Somewhere in there, for many of us, is the “light depression equinox” when there isn’t enough light to pull us out of a funk. Based on the conversations I’ve had with people so far, it’s right around now.

In other news: The Christmas merchandise is in the stores.

  • Four flights in one day.

    Rediscovered I get airsickness easily.


  • Melanie

    Yes, I can definitely feel it starting now. It gets worse though. When it’s getting dark before 5 pm and it feels like the darkness will swallow us whole, that’s when it’s really bad. Having Seasonal Affective Disorder and living in Minnesota can be difficult.

    I wonder if any of your readers have tried light therapy? If so, has it helped?