People doing good (cont’d)

Over in Sheboygan, someone thought it would be funny to total Christina Earls’ car by flipping it over. Never mind that the woman had just drained her bank account getting the car fixed, or that she’s a single mother with kids, or that she needs the car to get to her appointments for treatment of leukemia and pulmonary disease. Funny stuff, indeed.

An auto dealer offered to sell her a new car for $1. And someone showed up at her door with $150 in an envelope, which she used to buy food for the kids.

Here’s the whole story.

By the way, I’ve now made “People Doing Good” a category. Help me fill it. If you know of people doing good, drop me an email.

  • Cara

    Thanks Bob! I needed it this morning, when I realize I don’t have enough $ to get to Thursday (payday).

  • Jim Shapiro

    Bob – By writing this post, you will be brightening the days of all of your readers.

    Thank YOU for doing good. 🙂

  • Vivian

    Bob you did do good, and Jim you did good also by recognizing Bob’s good doing of “Good Story” writing.

    That’s goodness squared or to the second power.