One Picture: Goodbye, summer


Bobi Ombui of St. Paul sent us this picture of the Skyride at dusk at the State Fair. It is a fine — and somewhat sad — metaphor.

  • Alison

    Somewhat sad, but could there be a better way to the summer?

  • Bonnie

    great picture! I would love to buy a copy of it, the skyride or sky glider or whatever its called is my favorite thing at the fair each year

  • BenCh

    Up here in the northland, temperatures may be fitting. There were frost advisories for the mornings. I heard a couple cities got below 34 degrees this morning and Monday’s morning.

  • Greg

    That’s the SkyGlider, not the Skyride. I’d know, I work at the Skyride!!

  • Vivian

    Not so sad an end of summer photo when you add a little imagination of two pixies sprinkling glitter over the anti-gay booth.

    Now that’s magical!

  • Jon L

    Sad? Metaphor? Huh?

    Nice photo. I like the silhouettes. Arty.