One nation. From above

What’s uniquely Minnesotan that would resonate with people in the rest of the country when viewed from the air?

The Smithsonian Channel is filming a series showing every state from the air.

They haven’t gotten to Minnesota, yet, which gives us time to consider what would be appropriate images.

I’ll spot you Split Rock Lighthouse.

What else?

(h/t: Julia Schrenkler)

  • bsimon

    I’d do something with the Mississippi river gorge. Maybe start somewhere along the MN river, to the wildlife refuge at the MN – MS confluence, past ft smelling & up the gorge to Minneapolis. In one quick flight you can show our wildlands, history & urban center.

  • Tyler

    What, no lake shot?!

  • BenCh


  • Bob Collins

    They won’t be able to get that one; it’s illegal to fly over the BWCA.

  • polkaD

    @bsimon “Foot Smelling”? Does that typify MN?

  • Jeff

    The headwaters, or if they’re ambitious, the run of the river from headwaters through the confluence with the MN or the St. Croix.

  • boB from WA

    This reminds me of “Over Washington”, chronicling the state from the air. It was and remains a great video to watch when I need calming. So…for the state of MN, I would suggest, along with all of the other suggestions, SW MN with the fields of corn and soy, small towns like Luverne or New Ulm, the Red River, and International Falls.

  • Jean Cole

    The active and reclaimed mines of NE MN, interwoven with the lake-laden forests.

  • JackU

    I’ll see your Split Rock light house and raise you a Duluth Ariel Lift Bridge, preferably with a 1000 foot coal freighter coming through and a “salty” in the background for flavor. (Maybe even include the Bong bridge as well.) Continue over the lighthouse to the Iron Range and the edge lakes close to the BWCAW but not in it.

  • John P.

    I am surprised to hear that flying over the BWCA is prohibited. I hear and see planes while there. Apparently they are close to but not over

  • Mike Zirbel

    Ice fishing. I have flown for different airline into and out of all parts of Minnesota and by and large other pots can’t believe we ice fish! Other thoughts would be the Mississippi River. We have a very geographically diverse state, which is very beautiful from the air in all our wonderful seasons.