Men as imbeciles

Oh, men, don’t worry about being so stupid and only interested in beer and football. Ikea has set up a nursery for you…

“Judging by the video, this makes everyone happy–particularly the guys, who don’t seem to mind the suggestion that they’re essentially imbecilic toddlers who are being dropped off and picked up like they’re still in pre-school,” the Ad Freak blog says today.

  • This is a very sad commentary about the state of a lot of peoples relationships. Guys who apparently are big giant wusses and can’t put up with shopping at all, and women who have to go shopping with their guy, but can’t limit themselves at a reasonable time, or put up with some whining when they push the time.

    But otherwise, a great idea. I’d consider using it as it does take FOREVER just to walk through the bleeping store if you just want one thing.

  • Joel

    That is brilliant! All that’s missing is a free bar.

  • Dan

    I think the really irritating thing here is the reinforcing of not only gender norms, but gender responsibilities, more or less. Implicit in the very notion of the “man nursery” is the pressure for women to provide for the needs of those men. That this kind of oppression is wrapped an illusion of male disempowerment makes it even more devious. Way to normalize the patriarchy, Ikea.

  • bench

    I seem to remember rumors that part of “Phase 3” of the MOA was going to be adding a Bass Pro Shops next to Ikea. Personally I would rather look at outdoor gear and aquariums of fish than sitting in Ikea with a TV

  • John P.

    It’s a long standing trend to portray men as helpless fools in advertising. This seems like more of the same attitude to me.

    Most often, he is a lovable bumbling idiot who means well, but an idiot just the same. I do not recall the mom ever being portrayed that way. She is always the one who sorts things out.

  • Elaine Richie

    @ John P.

    Yes, the co dependent relationship. Mom the caretaker of the addicted to whatever Dad.

    She needs him to create his mishap so that she can feel useful and in some sorry cases powerful and in control.

  • Jim!!!

    I’m a guy that likes browsing at Ikea.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Recent genotype decoding has found that most females ( and many homosexual and “metrosexual” males) are born with a gene that lends to feeling pleasure while shopping.

    Most heterosexual males are born with a gene that lends to feel pleasure while spitting. (Some females born in a rural setting will exhibit the same pleasure, but the desire is usually extinguished early in life.)

  • David


  • Jasmine

    @ Jim Shapiro,

    Losing that Artificial Pleasure Connection can be disconnected through enlightenment via the discovery of your true self, (but I don’t think I am telling you anything that you already do not know.)

    or losing continuous poverty.

  • jasmine

    “or losing continuous poverty.”

    that should say or losing VIA continuous poverty.