Eichten’s last fair


Some of us are still shocked enough by the recent announcement that MPR News’ legend Gary Eichten is retiring at the end of the year, that we’re not quite prepared for the series of “lasts” that are about to follow.

I guess that started today because Eichten made his last appearance at the MPR booth at the State Fair.

And as I looked at this photo (from colleague Valerie Arganbright), it dawned on me that Eichten has already anchored his last election night in Minnesota, and he’s also moderated his last Sunday-before-Election-Day, top-of-the-ticket debate at the Fitzgerald Theater.

We didn’t need more reasons to be depressed about the state of politics, but we’re not better off not having this guy guide us through.

  • Kassie

    Maybe MPR can make the St. Paul City Council election a huge deal? Or the special election for Berglin’s seat? I mean, which Democrat will win? No one knows!

  • Jamie

    I will miss Gary Eichten. I’ve been listening to him the whole time he’s been on the air. I’m glad we’ll still have him for a few more months.

  • Lisa

    Hearing him with Stephanie Curtis Monday was a pleasure, as always. It’s so obvious that they really enjoy each other. One of the many things I’ll miss. Am already pre-missing. Can he come back and visit? Pre-record messages MPR can play to help us through the pain of the loss? Don’t go, Gary! Don’t go!