America’s religion: Football

A high school in Dearborn, Michigan — home to one of the country’s largest population of Muslim Americans — is providing a lesson that when it comes to religion in America, football rules.

Let’s not stop there, as long as we’re on the topic of football.

This story, from St. Cloud, has nothing to do with religion and only a little to do with football. But it’s Friday and Friday is for forgetting about the worst in us.

Ever since she was little, Megan Bjorklund loved to dance, the St. Cloud Times reports. “A dream comes to fruition tonight for the eighth-grader with Down syndrome when she performs with the St. Cloud Cathedral dance team at halftime of the Crusaders’ football game.”

Her brother is on the team. He’ll stay on the field at halftime to watch.

Bjorklund, the first Down syndrome student at Cathedral, will watch her brother Bjorn, a running back, play in the game.

  • Josh

    After watching “football high” on Frontline, I am trying to ween myself off of America’s religion.

  • bob collins

    I see on Twitter that an al Jazeera reporter says he was thrown out of a game last night in Booker, Texas because “al Jazeera is not welcome here,”lots he said.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Josh – kudos for making the attempt. As much as part of me is well aware of the “bread and circus” nature of spectator sport, another real part of me continues to be interested in how “my teams” and some individual athletes perform.

    I rationalize that it’s because I appreciate excellence, and that I continue to follow Minnesota teams (in spite of no longer living there) because of fond childhood memories, but there’s little doubt that the time I continue to dedicate to watching millionaires play children’s games could be put to better use.