What does the end of summer look like?


Although a lot of kids are leaving for college this weekend, we still have another couple of weeks of summer left to go.

We stopped at the Truro “transfer station” on Cape Cod the other day while leaving the ocean for the mountains and I captured this magnificent statement on what the end of summer looks like for many people. Click on the image for all of its full-screen splendor.

Over the next week or so — until I get back from vacation — snap your own image of what the end of summer looks like and send it to me (bcollins@mpr.org) and if we get enough submissions, perhaps I’ll put together a little presentation. Be sure to put your contact information in the e-mail in case I need to call you and record your fine voice describing your end-of-summer experience.

  • Jeff

    How depressing — thanks for posting. (Did you notice the downhill skis in the middle of the pile?)

  • Lucy

    missed the skis, but did notice the empty sack of quickcrete and broken weedwackers