What do the faces of stock traders tell us?

Until the nation’s news media figures out how to photographically depict the effect of the stock market on the majority of people — and it must have an effect; it’s been leading the news for several days — we’ll have to live with the daily front page photograph of the the faces of stock traders.

Once we know the outcome, it’s easy to see the “this can’t be happening!” look on the face of the trader.

Or is it?

Pick the stock traders below who were working on days the market dropped. The answer is below “the fold.” You can click on the image for a slightly bigger version.


A) Last Wednesday. The Dow gained 30.

B) Monday. The market closed 600 points lower.

C) Tuesday. The Dow advanced more than 400 points.

D) Today (Wednesday), when the market was off 350 points.

E) November 2008. The Dow dropped about 27 points.

What does this tell us? Nothing. The same thing pictures of stock traders tell us.

  • John O.

    I picked “B.” His specialty is selling short. 🙂