They like us! They really like us!

Our humble metro area is popping up on a few awesome sauce lists lately. Money magazine, for example, says five Twin Cities suburbs are among the 100 best small towns in the U.S. In descending order:

Shoreview (52)

Savage (51)

Lino Lakes (44)

Arden Hills (14)

Chanhassen (10)

Says Money:

Despite some 2011 budgetary brouhahas in the state of Minnesota, Chanhassen has plenty going for it–including good jobs right within its borders (manufacturing and technology company Emerson is based here), evening diversion (the Chanhassen Dinner Theater is the nation’s oldest and largest), and nature galore (34 parks, 11 lakes, and the enormous Minnesota Landscape Arboretum). The town’s new state-of-the-art high school has racked up some national awards in just its second year. –I.M.

Two years ago, Chanhassen placed 2nd. Serious quality of life drop in little ol’ Chanhassen? Nah, it’s just proof that these lists probably don’t mean much.

I’ll just point out that there are apparently no towns worth much in my home state of South Dakota. There are 161,451 better places to live than Sioux Falls for example. Ouchy.

Back to Minnesota. Bon Appetit magazine is out with its list of 10 best new restaurants in the U.S. Number 4 is Travail Kitchen and Amusements in Robbinsdale. Here’s what Bon Apetit has to say about Travail:

There was no celebrity-chef hype around the opening of Travail Kitchen and Amusements. I didn’t book weeks in advance. I just drove to this unassuming suburban spot 15 minutes from Minneapolis for lunch one day and ended up going straight back for dinner. Here’s why: They’ve got the best house-made charcuterie, crazy-low prices (a ten-course tasting menu for two for $60!?), and smart, ambitious food that applies elements of molecular gastronomy to the Midwestern traditions of pickling, preserving, and lots of meat. It’s both prepared and served by a motley crew of chefs who cook like a band making its first album, i.e., without limits. They’ve got a hit on their hands.

  • Tyler

    Travail is one of our favorites restaurants anywhere. Not sure why Victory 44 gets so much attention…

  • nicki

    I always have a hard time with these lists when suburbs can make their way into the small towns category. Perhaps there should be some sort of distance from a big city criterion.

  • Mark

    What about Brooklyn Park? They never say anything about Brooklyn Park. Geez.