Skydiving for hunger

People, let me be clear : I want to know about events and the cool things you’re involved in before they happen. There’s a little link over there on the right to click. If you don’t think they’re “newsworthy” enough, there’s no harm in finding out. NewsCut isn’t about “newsworthy.”

Like what? Like this event, the video of which has just been posted: The first-ever Skydive for Hunger, held in Baldwin, Wisconsin last Saturday.

Heck, I could’ve gotten a whole post out of just the story behind the T-shirt that says, “Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.”

There’s a little background on the event, and the reasons for it, at the website of its sponsor, Neighbors, Inc.

Good show, folks. In my next life, I’m going to have a job jumping out of airplanes and videotaping people parachuting.