Ready … set …

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Not everybody loves the State Fair. There was even a time in my own life, I admit, when my attitude went like this: “Oh, my God, the fair is here again? The exhibits? The crowds? The noise? The food?”

Then I experienced a conversion, and now my attitude goes like this: “Oh, my God! The fair is here again! The exhibits, the crowds, the noise! The food!”

It’s all in the punctuation.

Get ready. The State Fair starts Thursday.

  • Dave S.

    I hear you. In my young adulthood I stopped going because it was the same every year (one or two new foods or exhibits notwithstanding). But of course when I had kids, I had to bring them, and suddenly it was fun again. Traditions were born and being able to eat and do many of the same things every year became a pleasure. The kids are grown now, but my wife and I still go every year. Usually just for an evening, but it’s nice. My favorite tradtion is when I buy a big glass (cup) of Summit and my wife takes a sip, thereby reconfirming her dislike of beer.

  • Aaron

    So are you going to hide again this year Eric until nobody finds you?

  • Aaron

    Because the show that used to rescue you every year isnt on anymore?

  • John P.

    I had gotten bored with it and stopped going as an adult. Not much new from year to year.

    However, once I became a parent, it was worth it to see the incredulous looks on the kids faces when they see how huge a real cow or a real horse are. It was all brand new to my city kids. Once the kids got old enough to go on their own with their friends, I lost interest again.

    These days, we go with our grown up kids and the grandchildren, and I am starting to see the charm in the way nothing much ever changes. It’s kind of comforting in a world where it seems like everything else changes all the time.

  • Eric Ringham

    Aaron: Thanks for bringing up “Where’s Eric?” We played hide and seek on the Morning Show for 13 straight years, if you count the year I had to play remotely because I was taking my daughter to college. There’s been loose talk of staging a reunion game some year, but nothing has come of it so far. These days, the legacy of “Where’s Eric?” for me is that every time I visit the fair I become paranoid. But in a fun way.

  • mason

    //These days, the legacy of “Where’s Eric?” for me is that every time I visit the fair I become paranoid.

    being employed by either of these institutions can make you that way. : )