On Randy Moss

On the day Randy Moss retired, Twitter revealed again it can be a tough crowd.

The “hashtag” for Moss-related posts is #straightcashhomey, in honor of what is probably the former Vikings wide receiver’s most famous quote.

That quote is only a little more famous than this one: “I play when I want to play.”

Few people on Twitter are remembering the good times, though.


That, of course, is a reference to Moss hitting a Minneapolis parking enforcement officer with his car. So is this:

True, Moss gave his detractors all the ammunition they needed. But he also gave them some of the greatest football moments in history.

Like this…

And this from Thanksgiving Day in 1998…

Moss will go to the football Hall of Fame. But he will also go down in history as the most valuable receiver on teams that went 15-1 and 16-0, only to come up empty in the Super Bowl championship department.

  • Randy will join Dan Marino in that unfortunate collection of fabulous players who never won a Super Bowl…

  • I love Randy Moss – the greatest Viking evah!

    I will never forget when he got a touchdown and gave the ball to a handicapped child sitting on the sidelines. That was beautiful.

    I can’t believe he’s retiring. I hope he’s pulling a Favre. Hope he once again puts on the purple. Forever 84.