Market meltdown: Stock traders looking worried

One question: If the stock market is so all-fire important to everyone, how come news organizations can only figure out one kind of photograph when covering it?

A few examples:

Washington Post


Los Angeles Times








This is all, of course, quite depressing. Bring us back to the reality of what people really care about, Texas!


  • jon

    who is that guy shown in all the pictures?

  • Bob Collins

    Apparently, he’s the only person in America who was surprised that the market tanked at the open.

  • Heather

    Oh, Bob. You made me laugh!

  • Suzanne

    Way to stay focused, Dallas.

  • brian

    NPR is using that same picture on its homepage now.

  • Tyler

    I thought people knew by now – there’s hardly any trading that happens on the trading floors of stock exchanges. Everything happens by computer. Those guys in windbreakers are just for show.

  • Pete

    I’m stunned they didn’t get the shot of the floor trader staring up at the big board, mouth agape, with stock quotes reflected in his glasses. They seemed to try for that in the LA Times photo, but I just don’t think their hearts were in it this time.