Blogger apologizes for doctoring Bachmann video

A phony video purporting to show Rep. Michele Bachmann asking an Iowa crowd, “who likes white people?” has been pulled from YouTube.

Bachmann made an appearance at a Christian Music Festival in Des Moines earlier this month. This is the actual appearance:

But a blogger at On Knees For Jesus admits today that he edited the video so that her actual line — “who likes wet people?” — would sound like she was asking “who likes white people?”.

Today, he apologized and removed the video:

“I want to apologize for misusing Stacey Robert McCain’s original video (click here). I was angry so I decided to take Mrs. Bachmann’s line out of context to make her seem more overtly racist in light of her recent signing of that Iowa marriage pledge that said black children were better off under slavery than in Obama’s America. Whether or not I dislike Michele Bachmann, it wasn’t right to deliver a dishonest blow like that. I wanted to apologize to Mr. McCain and all of you directly. This blog is dedicated to showing Christ’s love through his followers. By posting something misleading, I undermine my own purpose.”

Too late. Many websites took the bait. Daily Kos, the community website for liberals, was one as this cached version of its page shows.


But after it was revealed it was faked, the website pretended it didn’t…


A more appropriate response would have been to acknowledge the mistake and apologize to the candidate for making it.

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