The kid and the baseball II

It’s Friday and Friday is for not being depressed about the news. These days, that means ignoring the news, a tough task for someone who’s paid to write about the news.

And now here’s sports….

According to Huffington Post

Not wanting to miss the chance to get an up close picture of his favorite player, the young fan began snapping photos. Then without warning, (Josh) Beckett handed him a ball. The gift came as such a surprise that Dylan immediately lost all control and burst into tears of joy

This has been a good week for stories about kids and baseball that make you forget about a world of jerks.

Pass it on, kid.

(h/t: Jeanne Souldorn)

  • Gary F

    Me, my wife and son are in Chicago for a Twins/White Sox game about 6-7 years ago.

    My son, age 8, and I are the only two people wearing Twins hats and clothing on the 3rd base side railing watching batting practice. My kid drops his glove over the railing on the field. It was too far for me to reach.

    In left field, pitcher Rick Reed and Jacque Jones are catching fly balls in left field and were the closest Twins players to us, about 20 yards. Now, Jacque Jones is working that night night, and was getting ready to play, Rick Reed wasn’t pitching that night, so him catching balls in left field was a matter of burning off extra time.

    Rick Reed looked over at my 8 year old son, now crying, because he dropped his mitt on the field. He made eye contact with us about 3 or 4 times. He saw the kid, he saw the glove, he saw the dad, he saw the only two people on the whole 3rd base side wearing Twins stuff.

    15 minutes later, a security guard walked out of the third base dugout all the way down the baseline and picked up the glove and gave it to my kid.

  • Corina

    Thanks! I really needed that.

  • George

    Thanks Bob, we need more of this stuff and less of whatever that other stuff is that’s coming out of Washington (and until recently St. Paul).

    ok, anyway…

  • catherine

    What? Shut up. Something got in my eye, that’s not a tear… Thanks Bob, it’s nice to have news that make you teary from happiness instead on frustration!

  • Elizabeth

    Oh, catherine-

    take acting classes like I did, actually I think pretending comes more naturally for stone hearted individuals like me. All you need to do is make a frowny face of dismay and with your pinky finger pluck a tear from your tear duct that doesn’t exist.

    I find this to be a most useful tool in manipulation.