The Internet and the Anthony verdict

Perhaps it only seems as though the Internet was taken over today by people closely following the Casey Anthony trial.

The worldwide flow of information did not jump measurably after the verdict, although it appears to have dropped slightly during it. But without seeing data from other days, it’s hard to say such a sudden drop is attributable to people glued to their TV sets. It’s possible people went to lunch or — since this is a measure of global traffic — bed.


A more parochial view of data shows a big spike after the verdict…


There are smarter people than me who have access to more data to draw better conclusions. Feel free to send it to me.

Herewith ends any discussion of the Anthony trial.

  • “Herewith ends any discussion of the Anthony trial.” THANK YOU!!!

  • This short post is very impressive. Gets in, shows the data, gets out. Thank you.