Parents ruining kids’ sports (cont’d)

Every now and again I think of the old days, when kids would have pick-up baseball games at the local park, instead of the highly-organized, parent-heavy operations that dominate youth sports these days.

Today is one of those days…

Prosecutors in Colorado today charged three parents — including the town prosecutor — with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct after the brawl during a youth baseball tournament.

  • Disco

    So one guy’s had 12 assault charges and the other defendant is a prosecutor. And whose story are we believing? Were there no witnesses?

    I have a hard time believing from this shoddy piece of journalism that the prosecutor lady wasn’t just protecting her child. I hope a judge can sort things out, because I’m betting there’s more to the story; especially when it comes to Mr 12 Assaults.

  • Kevin Slator

    Here’s the first problem, and apparently what precipitated the whole row: “Shannon Carlson and her son said they were trying to dispute an umpire’s call …” I referee youth soccer, and the problem of parents feeling free to dispute the referee’s calls (loudly and obnoxiously sometimes) is a significant issue. Aside from the fact their protests are usually wrong (the rules of soccer of not well-understood by many parents), it’s not their role and it sets a very bad example for the kids on the field playing.