La Tomatino, Hastings style

There are two big items on my wish list for Minnesota: (a) A Dunkin’ Doughnuts shop and (b) a good tomato fight. “A” isn’t going to happen; probably ever. “B” is.

Organizers in Hastings have announced they’re putting together a tomato festival, the highlight of which is a tomato fight modeled after a famous one in Spain. Twenty-thousand pounds of overripe tomatoes have already been ordered, the Hastings Star Gazette reports. They’ll be dumped in a pit at Afton Alps and then it’s every Minnesotan for him/herself.

It happens this Sunday. Tip: Bring goggles.

Who’d like to volunteer to send me some pictures and/or video for Monday morning?


  • Paul
  • Jeff

    Er, Bob, its Donuts, not Doughnuts.

    There is one in the Dells? Why not in MN?

  • matt

    There was a DD in Austin MN throughout my childhood, I believe it is the only location they have ever had in Minnesota. Not sure when it closed/lost franchise.

    I have to admit that Bushels (Bushers?) on the East Side was always preferred but I was not a coffee drinker.

  • Ryan V.

    I remember there being a Dunkin Donuts in Anoka in my youth. I didn’t realize they were Minnesota rare until they were all gone.

  • Jamie

    There was a Dunkin’ Donuts in the Uptown area of Mpls. for a while, in the late 70s to early 80s I think. Unless there’s another chain donut shop, and I’m mis-remembering the name. I too, would like to see one of those here. I remember the donuts being super fresh and kind of light and not like anything I’ve ever had since then.

  • Aaron

    It looks like this is a donut crowd rather than a tomato one, and apparently a band I play with, the Johnny Holm Band will be there, needless to say I think I’m skipping this show.