If you were the GOP leadership, what would you do now?

So who would you rather be right now, in the state shutdown saga? The Democratic governor, or the Republican leadership in the Legislature? All the buzz for the past couple of hours has been about the crisis possibly being over. Now the Republicans are heading into a meeting with the governor where they will have to say … something. Do they accept the deal, including the governor’s conditions? Or do they try to hold out for something better? And if they do try to hold out – for example, by hanging onto just a little social policy, or a teensy cut in the state workforce – what then? Will they get stuck with all the blame for the shutdown past Day 15? Discuss.

Meanwhile, up-to-the minute coverage on the news stations and MPRNews.org continues.

  • Shannon

    Cry. At best it’s a pyrrhic victory.

    I’m about fall left of center as it gets and support Dayton and his decision 100%.

    It sucks, I know it but enough is enough.

  • Michael

    If the Republicans balk, demands for recalls can be expected this afternoon.

  • bench
  • Frank

    They have to be ready to accept something. Their caucus was starting to fracture already (see Sen. Robling’s comments yesterday), and should be thankful the Governor is giving them a chance to say they achieved something, rather than watching their party publicly implode over the next several days.

  • fectosrd

    The Republicans should double down and say no deal. The public in Minnesota won’t be happy until we are like Mississippi and Alabama. Of course those states get more $$$’s from the federal government than they send in. Go for it, GOP…

  • Dan

    I actually think Gov. Dayton’s proposal is, if nothing else, politically quite canny. If the Republicans accept the new proposal, any future budget headaches can be blamed on the fiscally irresponsible Republican idea to shift school funds and use tobacco settlement money (it was after all, initially a GOP proposal). If the Republicans refuse to accept this latest move from Dayton, however, they are essentially refusing what is, again, more or less, their own idea. They will look even more unreasonable and will likely take the lion’s share of the blame for the shutdown going forward.

    All fiscal concerns aside–and perhaps unintentionally–Dayton has put the Republicans in a very difficult position.

  • BJ

    I agree with Dan. Dayton has 3 1/2 more years before he is up for reelection. Average voter has VERY short memory.

  • dennis

    I would feel ashamed that they protected their rich friends at the expense of good american middle class workers. It’s to bad that most of them think what they have done is the right thing to do.

  • dennis

    I would feel ashamed that they protected their rich friends at the expense of good american middle class workers. It’s to bad that most of them think what they have done is the right thing to do.

  • Dione

    I would immediately resign and leave a message for Norquist and Pritchard that if they want a seat in the legislature, they should get on a ballot and run a campaign.

  • Jim G

    It’s a bad plan, but it’s their plan. If they don’t take it they prove that they are intransigent, hair on fire, fanatics, unfit to lead their diminished state.

  • matt

    You guys do understand that the social pieces were throwaways from the beginning right?

    The republicans have the budget they wanted, Dayton is the bad guy in the shutdown for not giving in earlier. His supposed victory lap around the state was brutal and he looks as hapless as he did post 9/11.

    Horrible, horrible politics by both parties, horrible budget, horrible shutdown. Republicans win the battle of ugliest pigs due to Dayton refusing to fight a fight he never wanted to be in to begin (as soon as he comes to grips with the fact that he is an ugly pig he will do better).

    My apologies to ugly pigs everywhere for comparing them to Minnesota politicians.

  • lindamae

    BORROWING from the SCHOOLS (property taxes and families with kids) and FUTURE Tobacco payments IS THE BEST THE REPUBLICANS HAVE TO OFFER???

    I say stop the shutdown NOW, get everyone back to work ASAP, and then get ALL those ELECTED Representatives into a Special Session where the doors are locked and NO Elected Rep gets PAID until they agree to a REAL solution.

    I agree with Dayton – NO POLITICS! NOT ONE WORD about abortion or definition of marraige or constitutional amendments. This is Economics 101, and COMPROMISE had better be on BOTH SIDES.

  • Jamie

    // “…and he looks as hapless as he did post 9/11.” //

    He didn’t look “hapless” at all. If you’re talking about how he closed his Senate office because of a credible terrorist threat, that was a GOOD thing. You would probably be the first person to criticize him if he hadn’t closed his office and some of his staff had gotten hurt.

  • John O.

    Neither the far right or far left have much to like here, nor has either group been given any reason to vote for this “framework.” I would be concerned about not having enough votes to pass the budget.

    Also consider the possibility that the Teabaggers use this as an opportunity to undermine Koch and Zellars to try and replace them with people who lean even farther to the right.

  • ugly pig

    @ matt 5:02

    you are forgiven.

  • Suzanne

    If I were a Republican leader I would, first, cry and second, quit so that the senators and reps who are actually committed to the good of this state could get to work on fixing the mess left by Pawlenty.