A new state symbol?

If state government is in shambles, do we need a new state logo to describe us?


Reader Colleen Ashton says she awoke this morning and found a new neighbor: A portable toilet, presumably dropped off in advance of the crowds to watch fireworks in St. Paul on the 4th of July. It’s a testament that not everything has ground to a halt in Minnesota. It also provides inspiration for an enterprising NewsCut reader to design a new state symbol, given the shutdown.

Maybe you could work this in, too (sent last night from @jwbucklin.


This one seems quaint and outdated…


Take your time, do it well and I’ll post what’s submitted later.

Updated 2:48 p.m. – Derek Schille, who notes — accurately — “I think I’m the only person that ever sends anything for these challenges…” has sent something for this challenge:


  • the majority speaks

    our State has gone down the K-hole, J-hole, (aka DA-hole and most of all down the B-hole.

  • Candi

    How much money did the state spend on signs like the one above or the pretty blue ones sent in multiple to every single lottery ticket dealer in the state advising that they are really sorry we can’t spend our pocket change and/or gambling budget on Power Ball right now?

  • kennedy

    The “Open for business” slogan of our neighbor to the east has a special ring to it now.

  • c

    I did not say that the porta potty was a new State logo. However that was kinda funny. Nice one Bob.

    What i said was a snide comment that included a phrase from some trash fiction I read the other day attached to NewsCut (amazing what gets published, even for fiction!)

    Now your story on the other hand was nicely done and I very much appreciated it.

    To set the record straight though, and I do feel it is necessary here I have enclosed my real commentary to Bob Collins at MPR

    “I woke this morning to a balmy atmosphere. My legs felt as though they were candles melting in the sun. I slowly made my way to the living room where my attention was brought to a lonely out-house standing in its aqua colored glory in the middle of the park across the street. It was beckonning for a visitor.

    Only one porta pottty for fire works for those that spectate at Mounds Park. My only question is whether OnSite porta potties have the same attributes as OnStarr.

    In addition the good community of Daytons Bluff and Mounds Park were sent this notice about the fireworks display. The park is usually a horrendous mess after the 4th of July and it IS the City who picks up after them, I wonder how it will go on the 5th?

    Here’s the notice anyway:”

    Fireworks are annoying for some people and fun for others. And what is Legal?

    In Minnesota the only fireworks that are legal are things that do not explode or fly into the air. In other words anything that goes bang/boom or flies into the air is illegal.

    In Saint Paul no fireworks of any kind can be used in any park.

    What can you do if your neighbors are blowing off illegal fireworks?

    Talk to the neighbor

    Call the Police and give them the address and any other information on the illegal fireworks. The Police Department will have a police car on duty that will be only going to fireworks complaints over the 4th of July weekend.

    There will be a legal fireworks display on the 4th (see below).



    The Taste of Minnesota is gone, but Saint Paul’s sky will be lit up on July 4th with an aerial fireworks show beginning at 10:15 p.m.!

    Residents and visitors are encouraged to arrive early and stay late to take advantage of July 4th specials at bars and restaurants in Downtown Saint Paul. The fireworks will be unleashed in Upper Landing Park (along Shepard Road, “behind” the Science Museum along the Mississippi River just south of Downtown) at approximately 10:15 p.m.

    Need help navigating to Downtown? The Saint Paul Public Works Department has handy maps for parking and getting around the road construction

    There are plenty of locations in and around downtown for viewing the fireworks, but please note that traffic may be heavy at times, so planning ahead and arriving early may be your best bet!

    Help Downtown Saint Paul come alive this 4th of July, and join us for this annual fireworks tradition!

    We hope to see you there!

    Saint Paul Parks and Recreation