Why Sen. Scheid took the health care debate personally


Sen. Linda Scheid, a DFLer from Brooklyn Park, has entered hospice after an extended fight against cancer. There’s really not a lot to say at a time like this that isn’t already obvious. But a glance at her Caring Bridge guest book reveals quite a few entries from lawmakers past and present, from both the DFL and GOP, each written with a love and obvious respect that provides its own measure of comfort to the state.

Sen Scheid publicly revealed her cancer in March 2007. It was in the middle of a debate on a bill from Sen. Linda Berglin that established expenditure limits and insurance rate restrictions on health care. Sen. Berglin said the market-based means of controlling health care costs “doesn’t work.”

Sen. Scheid says she didn’t like the bill because government health care doesn’t work.

Despite her moving speech and acknowledgment of her illness, the bill passed the Minnesota Senate. It never got a hearing in the House.

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