What’s at the end of the rainbow? A bridge

I mentioned earlier this week on 5×8 that the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis is being lit this weekend in honor of PRIDE weekend, one of the few times the magnificently understated structure has been bathed in a light other than blue.

How does it look? Ed Kohler provided the answer in this Flickr posting.


Joe Bielawa steps back for another look (also via Flickr):


This perspective comes from Cynthia Frost:


At least for this weekend, this may be the most photographed structure in Minnesota. If you’d like to send me yours, here’s the gateway.

Update 6:24p– Paul Weimer captured the lovely reflection on the water.


  • Vivian

    In all the chaos of current events

    the rainbow-lit bridge signifies that we are getting wiser in making the connection of individual to all-inclusive.

    absolutely beautiful!

  • It was a late night last night…I haven’t processed my photos yet to see if any of them are any good 😉

  • Bob Collins

    Sorry, Paul, it’s pretty common knowledge in these parts that you’re incapable of taking a bad picture.

  • Thanks for your kind words, Bob.

    Anyway, I sent a picture in via the gateway. My proficiency with a tripod needs some work.

  • Love the message – love the look even more! I know the blue lighting is very cool – but I dig the whimsy of the rainbow. Hopefully MNDot will keep mixing it up.

  • A

    This truly brought tears to my eyes. It’s amazing how fast things are changing for us. In my lifetime we have gone from homosexuality being considered a disease to this fabulous show of support and acceptance.

    As Dan and Terry said, and others have repeated: It gets better. But not only when you leave your teenage years behind. It is getting better for all of us each day due to the courage of those who are out and the straight people who stand with us.

  • Tyler

    The rainbow was a great idea – but the pictures also reminded what a beautiful bridge it is.