Tree-trimmer releases post-tornado video


Mike Haege, the tree trimmer who was kicked out of Minneapolis in the immediate aftermath of the north Minneapolis tornado, has released a cellphone video that he says backs up his story. Minneapolis officials have not responded to questions about exactly why a Hastings tree trimmer who wasn’t charging anybody for his help, was escorted from the city because he didn’t have a license as a professional tree trimmer in the city.

The video doesn’t reveal a lot, other than it took four cops to kick him out.

The video is posted by the Hastings Star Gazette.

  • Kyle

    Just another reason why I don’t live in the city anymore.

    Mpls is not the city my parents or grandparents lived in.

    Good Luck People

  • matt

    It is too bad that the City of Minneapolis feels necessary to license tree trimmers at all, other than keeping up the appearance of safety and providing an artificial barrier to entry.

  • ryanspublicfeed

    Hmm. I heard this story this past weekend from an HST staff member and now they published the video…

    The City really messed this one up. :-\

  • ryanspublicfeed

    This is 3rd hand now, but he was basically told that since he wasn’t charging for his services he didn’t need to be licensed. The trimmer has licenses in the areas where he does business (Hastings and surrounding communities).

    There is still more to this story, I suggest you read the other pieces the Hastings Star Gazette wrote if you haven’t already. Ludicrous.

    Also, Bob: His last name is Haege.

    [and, in the interest of fair disclosure, my last comment should have said “HSG” not “HST”]

  • Cindy

    i emailed the city of minneapolis. they should be ashamed of themselves. this guy was actually helping people who needed it exactly where and when they needed it. stupid beaurocracy