The space shuttle launch up close

If you didn’t get your fill of science with last week’s “A Day in the Life of a Booster Rocket,” NASA has released another compilation of video from the launch last month of the space shuttle Endeavour. It may be some of the most compelling video since the beginning of the human space program. Cranking up the audio on your speakers will make you a favorite in the workplace today, too.

  • Heather

    Sorry, Bob. I hit my speaker-cranking quota for the day when Mary played RATT!!!!!!

  • Bob Collins

    Is that even legal?

  • davidz

    As a spaceflight junkie of sorts, I have been unimpressed with the amount & style of video from the shuttle program. Until just the last few years, there hasn’t been very much of this sort of video, and what there has been was quite unpublicized.

    While the “standard” shots of the Apollo program are well known, there were only a handful of flight and so the videos have been used again and again (I’m thinking of shots like the gantry tower arms swinging away from the Saturn V during the lift-off, for one example).

    Where is the comparable canonical shots from the Shuttle?

    It took the swan song of the program for this kind of inspirational video to come out, too late to help inspire the politicians and the public to support a next generation vehicle in time. Leaving us with a multi-year gap.

    I’ve appreciated the live in-flight video of the SpaceX launches, and hope that they continue their practice.

    The benefits of the space program are many, but the chances of me getting onto a flight lie between none, zero and mightily goll-darn slim. So conveying some good notion of what’s out there should be a primary goal of NASA (and whoever else goes to space).

  • Bonnie

    Thanks Bob. I’ve always been a space shuttle fan. I have a photograph I took in, 1979,maybe 1980, newly married, we took a trip to Orlando and upon my insistence drove over to the space center. We went on the tour. They drove us out to the expanse of concrete that would be the new landing runway for the new space shuttle. I was thrilled. I was the only one who got off the bus to walk on it, and I took a picture. Everyone thought I was nuts. And the marriage didn’t last. When I run across that grainy photo of concrete it always makes me smile.