The Saint Paul glacier


We are fairly certain that this is the last remaining pile of snow in Minnesota. It’s in the Sears parking lot in Saint Paul, where it continues a slow melting process which reveals the flotsam of our long winter.

The glacier is still about four feet high and about 30 feet long. At its present pace, it will probably be gone by the time more snow is dumped on the spot.

Is it the last one in Minnesota? You tell us. If you find one — rumor has it the 3M campus has one tucked away in the corner of a parking lot — send us a picture and we’ll see which pile carries the distinction of longest-lasting.

(h/t: Jeff Conrod)

  • Kevin Watterson

    Why do I feel somewhat proud of this?

  • Paul

    I _think_ there’s a small one in NE Minneapolis by the California Building. It was there last week when I walked by. Grimy little pile…

  • 2pawl

    …ah yes a tribute or what remains of the huge filthy pile that lied between the Capitol and the Cathedral…

  • Jen

    Did the one at the state fair grounds from the gophers stadium all melt?

  • Minnwhaler

    I have forgotten to look lately, but the one on the SE corner of 3M/… by 120 was bigger than the one at Sears a couple weeks ago.

  • water much

    Behind the DNR building along the RR tracks is big pile decreasing like a marshmallow in a campfire.

  • Jeff

    As of this morning (6/6/11) the St. Paul glacier was still there…just barely. Bet it won’t survive another day, thanks to this heat.

  • Jeff

    I was wrong — it survived! Today (6/7/11) will surely be its last day.