The Ricky chronicles

It’s true. In the middle of June, a point guard from Europe whose statistics aren’t that good got more attention than a local baseball team that may be in the middle of one of the greatest comebacks in the history of baseball.

Of course, the Twins, owner of the best record in baseball for June, are off today. And Ricky Rubio has been marketed as the savior of the moribund Timberwolves for several years now, so a little excitement can be forgiven.

Besides, he seems rather cute and, dare I say, adorable. When’s the last time the Timberwolves and “adorable” were in the same sentence?


If you were Rubio’s tour guide, what would you show him? The Sears parking lot snowpile has already melted, so that’s out.

  • My favorite part of the video is seconds 35-45. Mike Max of WCCO is near the front of the group and he awkwardly steps aside for Rubio to sign autographs but you can tell he’s thinking something. Eventually he gets around to exchanging a Minnesota pleasantry with Rubio by asking, “How was your flight Ricky.” Mike Max ladies and gents.

  • Re: Sears snow pile. *Barely* melted away. It took that 100-degree weather to do it, too!

  • JackU

    @Dan Murphy: I watched ‘CCO last night. Max used that location to ask the guy with the ball if thought having the first Ricky Rubio autograph signed in Minnesota might be worth something someday.

    The rumor I heard yesterday afternoon that seems completely ridiculous is some deal that has Kevin Love and the 2nd Pick in the draft going to L.A. for Pao Gasol. Somebody who is a basketball fan (I don’t pay much attention to the details) explain to me how the team retains any respect from the fans if they do that?