Super Saturday in north Minneapolis

Here’s a news release from the people who have worked above and beyond the call of duty to provide information to residents of north Minneapolis in the wake of last month’s tornado. They’ve organized a donation event for Saturday:


Relief drive for North Minneapolis. You drop off donations at 2818 Washington Ave N. Minneapolis, MN 55411 On Sat between 6am and 6pm. On Sunday and Monday, they are picked up by Shiloh, Prayer Center and other relief orgs.


*MplsTornado is now taking volunteer names. Email and specify what shift you can work 6-10am, 10-2pm , or 2-6pm. Need full name and cell phone number. Nothing is verified until you receive email from us. We don’t need hundreds of volunteers . Just about 20-ish per shift so these will fill fast. First come first served. We will then also need volunteers for Sunday but not sure how many though at this time

* We still need pallets and trolleys. Can anyone lend these to us?

* Still need about 300 gloves and some back braces

* Need stationary. Some notepads and pens

* A couple of laptops and data entry experts to enter inventory as the day goes by

* Need a first Aid kit ( or hopefully a red cross duo or so on site)

* Looking for a very kind company/restaurant to volunteer grill or bbq for the volunteers. Prob from around noon-ish or so

* Will need a flag waver ( lol..not sure if correct term). Someone to stand outside entrance waving orange flag or so to alert motorists that they’ve reached the destination


-This is a people driven event. There is no specific agency or organization behind it. Just humble and kind residents. We would appreciate your participation for a good cause 🙂

-Vehicles will be turning right into the base and driving up to the staging area, then leave through the back

-We intend to have both some workers from The Prayer Center and Shiloh Temple on hand at the location helping with the efforts. These are the two primary recipients of the donations drive, along with others to be determined

-To clarify, please do NOT bring us any money or checks. We are simply collecting donations specified on list. If you wish to donate to one of the organizations, we have a list on our resource sheet If you would like to donate to our ( MplsTornado )efforts in this process since we’re carrying out most of our efforts out of pocket expenses, you can do so here . Donations to us would go towards communications related expenses, transport, and liasing. We also want to begin hosting BBQs on different ravaged blocks, in order to speak to residents and connect with people

-Do NOT bring toys, furniture, clothes, appliances. Those will be collected at a later date

-We have received two weighing scales courtesy of Prism folks and we will weigh and take inventory of all items received so we can have full reports for you

-We are NOT distributing the items directly to the residents. We are distributing them to organizations who have ‘in place’ mechanisms to effectively and swiftly move the products out into the streets ASAP and have been actively doing so since day 1.

For more info, email ( do not email this adress for volunteer opps)