Reporter rescues woman about to be swept away by flood

There are so many troubling aspects to this just-released video of a water rescue in flood-devastated Arkansas yesterday. There’s the woman who ignored everything she’s ever been told about driving into standing water, there’s her effort to save her SUV once a reporter jumped into the water to help her, and there’s the TV photographer who didn’t do anything to help, probably because it would’ve meant sacrificing a great piece of video. That is, after all, what he/she is paid to do.

Meanwhile, much farther north, residents of three South Dakota cities have been urged to evacuate because of the flood threat from the Missouri River.

  • bench

    Not to try to poke this anymore, but she also was standing downstream from her SUV which could have been swept into her at any moment. Always stand upstream so you’re not run over by your own vehicle… same goes for canoes when you wrap them around rocks and they get swamped and full of water (speaking from personal experience).

  • John P.

    It looked to me like the reporter had a life line on. You see it when they come out. The camera person probably wouldn’t have had one. I think I would have seen that the reporter had it covered and not risked going out there.

    I did have to chuckle a little. As the thing was sinking it looked to me like the brake lights were on. Sorry lady, but that won’t stop it.

  • Jeff

    Why do you say that the TV photographer didn’t do anything to help? Clearly there are several voices talking about calling 911. The photographer could have been one of them, helping in that way. They shouldn’t be faulted for not risking their own life to help someone who clearly made a very foolish decision. (Perhaps they couldn’t swim.)

  • Jim

    Piling on – what was a Sheriff’s vehicle doing hubcap-deep on a flooded road?

    Civilians are expected to do stupid stuff. Emergency responders should know better.

  • Jerry

    Maybe the TV Photographer has taken lifeguard training, and knows that you never go after someone unless you can save yourself.