Reporter apologizes for smoking

A former KARE reporter has apologized for, apparently, being human. Brad Woodard was reporting on a fire for a TV station in Houston last Friday when the camera caught him taking a drag on a cigarette.

Smoking a cigarette in Texas, for the record, is legal and many reporters smoke. It’s not as if he started the fire with his cigarette or shot a puppy before the broadcast.

Still, Woodard felt compelled to apologize on the station’s Facebook page:

Dear Viewers,

Some of you have raised concerns about my live report from Chambers County on Friday, June 24th. Due to a technical glitch, I was observed on camera smoking and extinguishing a cigarette, something I find both professionally and personally embarrassing. I was reporting from the scene of… a fire at an abandoned “tank farm” formerly used to store petroleum products. The fire was well under control at the time of my report, and I was standing on concrete when I discarded my cigarette. I also made sure it was extinguished following my brief report.

Apparently, some of you are under the impression I was reporting from the scene of a wild fire. That was not the case. My bad habit aside, I’m very cognizant of the extreme drought conditions facing this state. I report on those conditions daily and care very deeply about those affected. That said, I sincerely apologize to those of you who were offended. We appreciate…I appreciate…your viewership and your concerns.


Brad Woodard

His viewers apparently understood, judging by some of the comments:

I think honestly, this puts you on a different light for me. More human bring than some Iconic God type of personality. Im glad that you are humble enough to apologize, even if it’s unnecessary. Personally, I believe smokers have been stripped of their rights! Keep on keeping on! You shouldn’t have to worry about others opinions, but I understand wanting to maintain the professional image.

Good point. You can’t smoke and still be a professional in the journalism business.