Minot’s fight

The race to higher ground continues in Minot where the Souris River is going to host the biggest flood in the city’s history.

Mayor Curt Zimbelman, told residents today that the city’s dikes would not be able to hold back the river.

Here’s live coverage from KXMC in Minot, which is focused around the Broadway bridge in the city, the only one that might stay open.

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How bad is this going to be? Really bad. Zoom in on the document here and see a satellite image of how the floodwater will inundate the town when the river reaches 1,556 feet (about a foot more than what it’s at now).

Minot Broadway Bridge 1556 1

Now consider that the river is expected to reach four feet higher than that depiction when it crests late Sunday or Monday, according to the National Weather Service.