Intelligent design and the graduating class

What’s commencement season without the obligatory controversy over prayer, or — in the case of Northfield High School — one teacher’s religious theories?

Northfield High School math department chair Doug Bengston was selected by the senior class to give the commencement address, which included:

I don’t believe the earth, the planets, and the solar system just happened. I believe there is one overall. As you watch the miracle of a newborn baby, I don’t believe it all just happens.

So I tried to gain that inner contentment that only comes from the one above. He designed me, my brain, my heart, and all that I am. And all he’s looking for is love. I’d like to leave you with some verses from the good book that help explains my thoughts.

Bengston then read from the Bible. Griff Wigley, who writes Locally Grown Northfield, says he’s heard no public reaction to the speech, the audio of which he’s posted on his web site.

KYMN has the entire commencement posted here.