Matters of the goose

This Pioneer Press article about a Woodbury man finding a solution to his neighborhood goose problem has been making the rounds.

It’s an interesting approach and it might work for a while, but this video suggests that the fake gator’s effectiveness is going to be short-lived.

A Border Collie may prove to be a better solution for the long-run.

  • John P.

    I used to have a Border Collie. She absolutely loved to stalk, chase, and herd anything. Now I have a Golden Retriever. He would make friends with the geese, which would not work as well.

  • John P.

    Additional Thought:

    Unless I could find a way to throw the geese. Then he would go get them, shake them until they stop moving as he brings them back to me. That’s probably not idea either.

  • JackU

    The fake gator has to be more active. There needs to be some sort of mechanism that makes the goose feel it’s under attack. The problem would be identifying geese as opposed to ducks, swans or people.

    I notice that in the video on the border collies when the owner is talking about working with sheep, an alpaca gets in and steals the scene. (Which I think is almost as instinctive for them as herding is for the border collie.)