Fairbourne retiring from WCCO

It’s not often anymore than a meteorologist can last at one station for 30 years. Mike Fairbourne might be the last of them in the Twin Cities. Fairbourne is retiring from WCCO this week.

Jimmy Carter was in the White House when Fairbourne started his career there.

WCCO has posted some other Fairbourne videos. This personal favorite didn’t make the list, though…

Fairbourne is about as low-key and all-business as they come, but he may be best known for causing a ruckus in these parts three years ago when he expressed his opinion on the issue of climate change.

He accused the environmental movement of practicing “squishy science” when it ties human activity to global warming. The Star Tribune outed Fairbourne after his name appeared on a list of 31,000 “scientists” questioning climate change as a human contribution.

The dust-up also served as a warning to many TV meteorologists to avoid getting into the climate change issue.

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