Doggelganger and the pooch who looks like you.

You’ll thank me later for this, even though you may spend so much time on this Web site you’ll lose your job. We’re talking matching you up with your canine soul mate in an entertaining way.

To boost its Pedigree (dog food) Adoption Drive, an ad agency in New Zealand has unveiled “Doggelganger,” which — operating under the presumption that people and their dogs tend to look alike — matches you with the dog of your dreams.

First, go here, and upload either a video or a picture of you.

Here, let me show you. I take this old picture of me, upload it, and line it up accordingly…


… push the button and watch the system match my nose, eyes, ears and general good looks with the database of mutt features…


… until we get the big payoff: what dog looking for a home, looks most like me?


It’s a lab-German Shepherd mix that currently is sitting in the SPCA in Whangarei, New Zealand. The Web site also reveals the dog’s name is Kala, and it provides a form to fill out to let the SPCA know you might be interested in her. I think you’d agree: That is one sexy dog.

The Current’s Mary Lucia suggested I try her…


Mary does not look like her dog, in my opinion…


… but let’s see what might match the New Zealand version of Mary Lucia. Do your thing, Doggelganger!


and, voila! Bailey the staffordshire bull terrier, presently residing in Auckland.


The idea is similar to one an agency for a shelter in New York came up with some time ago.

It’s brilliant marketing.

  • Mrs. Newscut

    I got the same dog as Mary… how weird is that”

    at least the coloring is somewhat similar to our dog.

  • Jim Shapiro

    I’m going to double my contribution to Techo-Luddites of America.

  • Duke Powell

    My daughter wants a dog so we put her picture up and she got the same dog as you, Bob.

    She says you can have it.