Covering Greece

Now that flood season is starting to wane, we’re not likely to see any more reporters in hip waders standing in or near water, but we have a new entrant in live-report props.

Check out the protective eyeware worn by a CNBC reporter in Greece today, which presumably keeps any of the rocks and bottles being thrown in the street from hitting her several stories above on her hotel-room balcony.

There’s a good reason, however, for the glasses. Tear gas from the street below.

“I’m less affected by the tear gas. Just my eyes bother me. But that is why I’m wearing them,” she said. “Everybody on the ground has them for sure. It wafts up, when there’s a lot of it, it seeps into the hotel rooms and causes you to throw up and is extremely painful. You can feel it go all the way down your esophagus.”

Everybody on the ground doesn’t have them. Communist party deputy Liana Kanelli could’ve used a pair today. Someone unloaded some yogurt on her during the protests.


The protests have continued sporadically since the passage of a plan to cut spending and raise taxes by $40 billion over five years.

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