Ann Taylor’s exit

ataylor.pb.jpg It had to happen sooner or later but a lot of the voices who made NPR famous are retiring. Carl Kassell retired a few years ago. Liane Hansen called it quits in the spring, and today is Ann Taylor’s last day.

She lives in Manhattan and says she got tired of commuting to Washington to deliver the newscasts.

  • JackU

    Here’s hoping that the next generation of NPR voices are just as distinctive and articulate.

  • Jim Shapiro

    She commutes to DC from NYC?!?

    The technology exists so that Taylor could do her thing from home in her NPR insignia PJs, if she ( and more importantly, they, I guess) so desired.

  • RadioNed

    Yeah – what they said. “Commuting to deliver newscasts” that is crazy talk. She will be missed.

  • Pete

    Best wishes.