What’s your story?


Why, look! It’s a weekend and here I am consulting the appointment book to figure out what to write about next week. How fortunate that there appears to be some time here to write about that person or story or situation that you know about that I don’t.

Like what? One of the stories I want to do is about high school kids who are about to graduate and who are leaving the family farm, probably for good. Is that you? Let me know.

Here was one of my favorite moments of the last week. Here’s the kind of person I’d like to talk to sometime. Here’s one of my favorite posts that came about because someone knew something about somebody, and here’s the type of post I could spend all day working on.

Everybody’s got a story, so tell me what you know and let’s get it told. You can use this form, or simply email me at bcollins@mpr.org

  • Jim Shapiro

    Dear Bob – I look forward to the bio pieces. Your compassion-driven skill in conveying what it’s like to be a human being is nonpareil.

  • The Big Dog

    Bob, How about a story on the little guy on your desk in the picture?

  • Bob Collins

    That’s a C.C. Sabbathia in disco bobblehead they gave away in Cleveland a few years ago during ’70s weekend. Why the Cleveland Indians wanted to celebrate the ’70s remains a mystery to this day.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Dear Bob –

    “Why the Cleveland Indians wanted to celebrate the ’70s remains a mystery to this day.”

    Or why they would give away a bobble head of Sabbathia on 70s day.

    He was born in 1980 and there is no photographic evidence that he ever wore an afro.

    Perhaps the Indians’ pr/marketing person was their gm in the ’70s.