Trash cars


Every now and again, we pull up behind a car like the one we pulled up behind in downtown St. Paul this morning — a trash car. There are any number of possibilities here. The person could be homeless (unlikely since there’s no place to sleep in the car and the toilet paper is too far in the back), a hoarder, or just got behind when it came to cleaning.

I could find no statute in Minnesota that says being so obstructed is illegal. The only one I could find pertains to someone towing something.

(169.70)Every motor vehicle which is so constructed, loaded or connected with another vehicle as to obstruct the driver’s view to the rear thereof from the driver’s position shall be equipped with a mirror so located as to reflect to the driver a view of the highway for a distance of at least 200 feet to the rear of such vehicle.

  • What a timely post! I definitely walked past a “hoarder car” at the Saints’ game on Friday night. With as much money we put into our cars, I can’t imagine ever allowing my “clutter” to get that bad.

  • Ben Chorn

    makes you wonder what they keep in the trunk…

  • Charlie Quimby

    That person doesn’t need to sleep in a car in order to be homeless. For some poor in shelters, camping, couch crashing or moving from place to place, a car may be the only place they can lock their possessions.

    (And yes, even toilet paper gets stolen.)

  • Bob Collins

    //even toilet paper gets stolen.

    Better to hide it under the Cheetos.

  • Susan

    Perhaps they’re moving? Coming home from college?

  • mudslide

    //Coming home from college?

    Or going up to the Smelt Fry (your answer brought back memories of back seats like these which were very common among my friends it seemed.)