Tornado diary: Man dies trying to help

There are plenty of tragic stories to tell in the wake of Sunday’s tornado in Minneapolis, but the death of Rob MacIntyre is particularly poignant. He died while trying to help a neighbor today, according to Fox 9.

Rob MacIntyre, 52, brought his chainsaw next door to help a neighbor in need, despite having his own home destroyed in Sunday’s storm. Family members said MacIntyre collapsed from either a heart attack or stroke. He had no underlying health problems.

MacIntyre was the president of the Raptor Resource Project, which announced his death today.

He was very involved in our work, rappelled with us, and established a new falcon nest last year at Riverview Towers. Rob gave me (Amy) rappel lessons at his home in North Minneapolis, using a large tree in his yard. He was a great guy, always very enthusiastic and encouraging, and he sure loved to rappel. He caught Amy when we were banding at Greysolon in 2006 and named her “Amy” (she was an unbanded adult falcon). We have many great memories of Rob and are shocked and saddened by his passing.

He spent his time in some pretty precarious spots (he’s on the right in this Austin News photo)



(Photo via Raptor Resource Project)

  • Drae

    God bless him and all those like him doing what we Minnesotans do best – pull together and help our neighbors when we need to.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Dear Drea – That’s near the top of the list of reasons as to why I’m seriously considering leaving my place at the beach and returning to Minnesota.

    That gentleman need not be concerned with passing go or collecting $200. He’s going directly to heaven. 🙂