The Vikings’ new terminal unveiled

The City of Minneapolis is outlining its proposal for using taxpayer money to build Zygi Wilf a new stadium for his Vikings. Reportedly, the plan calls for using an expiring sales tax originally earmarked for the Minnesota Convention Center expansion, adding a liquor and food tax and implementing a surcharge on parking. The money will also go toward renovating Target Center, an idea that fell flat on its face after it was unveiled in February.

A new artist’s rendering of the stadium was released today, too. (As I was saying last week…)


Colleague Ted Canova thinks he’s seen this look before. See if you can guess where?


Update 3:23 p.m. – The Vikings have issued a lukewarm reaction:

The Minnesota Vikings appreciate Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis and Ramsey County for their participation in serious discussions regarding a new stadium for the team, our fans and the State of Minnesota over the last several months.

Today the Vikings want to thank the City of Minneapolis for bringing forward a proposal to replace the Metrodome. Team officials first saw a broad outline of this plan late last week. The Vikings were not involved in developing the specifics of this proposal and have not agreed to any of the financing elements. While we have concerns about provisions within the City’s proposal, the team will examine it in further detail and respond accordingly.

  • Jon Gordon

    Denver airport?

  • Bob Collins
  • FC

    Looks a lot like JFK.

  • Jon Gordon

    Hah. I just looked at the image URL. There’s quite a hint there.

  • bsimon

    I think that is Dulles. Denver looks like a circus tent.

  • steve
  • vjacobsen

    Really, Vikings? That’s your response?


  • Bob Collins

    It is, indeed, JFK (Really, Jon, you stooped to cheating?).

    Bonus points for what iconic airline had that terminal?

  • Terry

    Its the old TWA terminal at JFK – built in the days when it was called Idelwild airport. Designed by Eero Saarinen.

    Its been empty since TWA closed shop. Latest rumor is that they’re going to make it into a boutique on-airport hotel.

  • Paul

    Is anybody going to feel stupid about spending $18 million to put on the new roof only to turn around and tear the whole stadium down next year? 2011 could have been the year of open air football at the dome and $18 million would have been a nice down payment on the city’s share of the cost…

  • Lucy

    jfk stadium looks like that art museum in sydney.

    “…something tells me Toto; we’re not in Kansas any more.”

  • The Big Dog

    George Jetson’s office building?

  • JackU

    @Paul: I think the roof replacement is covered by insurance, minus a $25,000 deductible.

    The reason for the Vikings lukewarm reaction is that the city’s proposal has them paying 45% of the tab. I think they want to pay no more than 33% and that would be a stretch probably. (It’s not that they don’t have the money, they just don’t want to pay.)

    TWA? I would have guessed Pan Am myself. (But a quick Wikipedia check shows that every Minnesotans favorite airline is currently using the old Pan Am Worldport which is on the block to be demolished in a few years.)

  • lucy

    @ Paul and JackU-

    Maybe you could track down that generous donor of that generous donation in the tens of millions that was given anonymously to St. Kate.

    apparently God loves nurses?

    does God love football?

    can God be bought?