The same-sex marriage debate in 8 minutes

For nearly four hours, the Minnesota Legislature debated the bill that would add a constitutional amendment question to the 2012 ballot that would ban same-sex marriage.

Here’s a telescoped version of the debate. You won’t hear many bill supporters speak. For the most part, they’ve left defense of the bill (which passed) up to Sen. Warren Limmer.

  • JB

    I’m so happy to know that the Republicans are trying to save us all from future legislators and judges that we didn’t know were a threat to us. Funny their concern for what might happen in the future. Remember their thoughtfulness in July when the government is shut down.

  • bigchicken170

    The Republican silence during the floor debate was cowardly. End of story. I’m glad it’s on video so that their grandkids can see just how cowardly and mean their grandparents were.