The quest for YouTube fame

In this week in which MPR is presenting a series of reports intended to look intelligently at the issue of bullying in schools, there is a story which shows what school officials and parents are up against: a life form that is inherently not intelligent.

In Superior, Wisconsin , the Duluth News Tribune reports today, a 16 year old student tried to get into a fight with another 16-year old in the boys locker room. Why? Because they wanted a videotape to post online.

According to a Superior police report, the incident occurred during fifth hour on May 10. One of the 16-year-old students who were cited tried to get into a fight with another teen before class by challenging and threatening him. The other 16-year-old boy who was cited was videotaping with an iPhone as he egged them on, saying “Do it … hit him.”

After class, the two 16-year-olds did the same thing, with the first teen now pushing the boy he wanted to fight in addition to challenging him verbally. When he kneed the other male in the side, the student fought back. It was all videotaped with the iPhone held by the other 16-year-old.

Where would they get such a stupid idea?



and a thousand other places.

  • bench

    Back in my day, kids who wanted to fight fought in what we called “Fight Club”… then the local Fox News station did a piece on it and it was made illegal in New Brighton… however I don’t remember anyone video taping the events.

  • James

    Thanks for doing your bit to add to the problem.