Space: The boring frontier

This picture — NASA’s Picture of the Day — took us a bit by surprise today. Not because spacewalking is surprising, but because these things happen and nobody pays much attention to it, anymore.


Astronaut Andrew Feustel didn’t just go for a stroll, he went for a marathon and then some, spacewalking for 8 hours and 7 minutes. It was the the 246th time a U.S. astronaut has walked in space. And that was the sixth-longest spacewalk ever.

  • JackU

    The Science Channel reran several episodes of their Moon Machines series yesterday. One episode was on how the space suit was designed. One of the interesting things was a comment from one of the lead NASA people who was assigned to the project early on. When he commented he knew nothing about space suits and more about propulsion and maybe somebody else would be a better choice, the answer he got was, “Don’t worry nobody else does either.”

    Another interesting comment was that the designs and techniques developed for Apollo are still at the heart of today’s space suits.

  • Heather

    That’s SO cool! I hope he gets a giant framed copy of this photo, too. Amazing.